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Written Component of my World of Warcraft Presentation

            On September 2, 2001 Blizzard Entertainment announced that they were developing World of Warcraft (WoW), the company’s first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG or MMO).  This was somewhat surprising considering the company was most famous for its real-time strategy games such as Warcraft III and Starcraft.  After nearly five years of development the […]

The Internet

There wasn’t too much in today’s reading that seemed particularly new to me, but it was definitely interesting to hear someone talk about the benefits of the internet before many of its most popular features were implemented.  Still, the most interesting part of the article was the discussion about http and how it allows for […]


The whole time I was reading Turkel’s article on video games, all I could think was how many more things she would have had to talk about if she had only waited a few years for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to come out in America and confirm nearly everything she was thinking about video […]


I really enjoyed reading the story Immigrant, but I’m not sure how I feel about the ending. On one hand, it does make sense that there could be technological/cultural/biological improvements that could potentially be detrimental to humanity’s progress as a species (the atomic bomb anyone?) but that doesn’t seem like a sufficient reason to keep […]

A Word on Laziness

I was a little bit troubled in class today by the number of people who seemed certain that Illich’s ideas will never come to fruition because of their belief that certain people just aren’t self-motivated enough to take their education into their own hands.  I talked a little bit in class about my belief that […]

Response to Illich

Anyone who read my previous blog post on popular education knows that I agree pretty much whole heartedly with what Illich talks about in Deschooling Society.  I’m not sure I would go as far as he does in his condemnation of the traditional classroom style, but his ideas about removing “the curriculum” are dead on […]

And here I was thinking that McLuhan was confusing

If I’m being honest, I’d say that my comprehension of todays reading was shaky at best.  I think I understand Viola’s ideas about the potential for movies with branching plots and film editing over a computer, but I’m not sure I really understand what is so revolutionary about this idea.  Although I definitely remember a […]

Habitat and modern mmo’s

I was only somewhat surprised by how similar some of the problems Habitat had when compared to the problems with popular games like World of Warcraft.  It was almost comical when Morningstar and Farmer talked about allowing players to use weapons and kill each other, but expected users to do so in a responsible manner.  […]

A Word on Popular Education

I want to expand a little bit on what I talked about in my previous post.  When Papert talks about using computers to let children develop their own learning styles without the authoritarian intrusions of the omnipresent curriculum, he is essentially talking about what many people refer to as “Popular Education.”  Although he uses computer […]

This Turtle is fun I guess, but when do we get to play Oregon Trail again?

Although I’ve had a computer in my house for as long as I can remember and have been playing games on them (and other game consoles) for nearly as long.  That said, I don’t think computers were ever a major part of my formal education.  With the exception of a basic programming course I took […]