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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Douglas Engelbart: Most Confusing Guy Ever?

Unlike the editors, I did not find Engelbart’s article on Augmenting Human Intellect to be either “stirring” or “prescient.”  This was by far the most dense reading we’ve had so far in the semester and I’d be lying if I said I understood it completely.  That said, I think Engelbart has some really interesting ideas […]

Group Project Meeting

  I found last class to be really productive in terms of getting a group together and deciding some basic areas of interest for our project.  Before class I was doing some random exploring on and found a site called The Daedalus Project which does psychological surveys of vast numbers of massive multiplayer online […]

Reading Response for January 23

I remember realizing at some point during my senior math class in High School that without the help of my ridiculously over-complicated TI-83+ calculator, I would be completely out to sea. On the off occasion that I actually understood what my teacher was talking about, I needed it to do most of the basic calculations […]

Vannevar Bush, As We May Think

Although it’s always interesting to read accounts of what out predecessors thought the future would be like, many of these accounts are more humorous than they are informing.  Fortunately that isn’t the case with Bush who seems to have invented the groundwork for the internet without being able to conceive of the technology that would […]

Reading Response for Jan 16

One of the aspects of New Media that intrigues me after today’s reading is the idea that computer technology has the ability to create art that interacts with and can be directly affected by its audience. Unlike print, film or television, which are only capable of showing unchanging scenarios, computer based art forms such as […]